I am Joe Santana

Since I've been a child I have always been the most creative and colorful kid in the family. Creating art with crayons and making my own magazines that were made out of notebook paper. I'm glad to say that is one thing that has not changed about me. I am still creating art, but with the beauty of people and the small moments of family.

It first started off as a hobby taking pictures of friends and then I made this hobby into a beautiful business in 2021. I am a college student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock studying journalism. I have hopes of making my dreams come true as a news anchor. All while living my childhood dream at the same time and that's creating art.

Being creative is one of my favorite things ever. I want to bring your ideas and your inner creativity alive. As well as capturing those small moments of family time. Pictures are memories, and memories are the what we value the most. Let me help you with capturing your beauty and your love.

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“To me it's very beautiful and it's art, and to them it's outrageous and crazy.”